2017 Turkey Trot Results

The Turkey Trot was a great success with 172 registered runners. It was a bright sunny (although cold) day and fine weather for a race.
Here are the results:

place time bib name age gender
1 22:10 31 Christina Finnegan 25 and over F
2 24:48 2 Kim Mason 25 and over F
3 31:46 118 Alison Yablonicky 25 and over F

1 20:17 48 Victor Tagliavia 25 and over M
2 20:40 123 Peter Forester 25 and over M
3 21:00 161 Kyle Hering 25 and over M

1 22:30 56 Kayla James under 25 F
2 24:56 59 Makenzie James under 25 F
3 26:50 149 Zoë Byham under 25 F

1 19:17 71 Chris Townsend under 25 M
2 21:30 158 Daniel Susson under 25 M
3 22:50 101 Cal Blumberg under 25 M

Congratulations to the top finishers and congratulations to all the participants who have started a new tradition here in Sturbridge Lakes.

Pictures are available at:

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Last minute shirt order

T-Shirt fee is $10 per runner/Walker. (This is to cover the cost of your shirt)
We will need your $10 and name/ shirt size by this Monday, November 13 – short notice
but want to make sure the shirts come in time!***
Please drop all T Shirt orders off in my mailbox before 12 noon on Monday
Kim Mason 26 Brookview Drive

If you haven’t registered for the race, do so now at

See who is entered!

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5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving at 8am

Kim Mason and Nicole Mazure are organizing the SLA 1st Annual 5K Turkey Trot Run. The Race will start at 8am on November 23rd at Foxview Beach.

Event Details and Entry Form are here:

Also T-Shirts are being made but have to be ordered by Monday, Novemebr 13. See details on the event flyer at the address listed above.

See you there!

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Fall Festival/Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Cook-Off was held on Nov. 5 with nice Fall weather and lots of Chili to taste.

Here are your winners:

Hot& Spicy: Chuck Miller with #101 Backdraft Chili

Traditional: Jodi Bakley with #3 COAL CRACKER CHILI

Other Chili: Marnie Joyce with #203 Texas Chili with a twist

Salsa: Hailey Miller with #301 Savage Salsa

Pictures of the event and Chilis

Thanks to the Voorhees Fire Department and EMTs for bringing out their equipment to show off.

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The Fall Festival is tomorrow!

The Fall Festival is tomorrow!

Details are shown here

You can enter your chili/salsa/cookie here http://www.sturbridgelakes.com/FallFestival

See you tomorrow, Sunday, November 5.

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Halloween Contest Winners

Here are the results of the Halloween Decorating Contest

Pictures are at

“Best of Show”
Grand Prize Winner
Colin Seybold
21 Fox Hollow Road
$50 gift certificate
Pictures 9-20

First Prize
Overall Best Haunted Display
Jennifer Sabol
9 Signal Hill Drive
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 21-30

First Prize
Overall Best Halloween Themed Lighting
Nancy Hering
178 William Feather Drive
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 35-39


First Prize
Overall Scariest Graveyard
Kathy, Jake, Max, & Lily Kaplan
114 William Feather Drive
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 44-47

First Prize
Overall Creepiest Spider Den
Tamara & David Eveland
28 Wyndham Road
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 52-55

First Prize
Overall Best Porch Display
Anella & Ray Zaso
17 Chatham Drive
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 56-62


First Prize
Overall Best Trick or Treat Theme
Abigail Mailitsky
11 Tenby Chase Drive
$35 gift certificate
Pictures 64-68

Category Winners

Best Scarecrow
Amanda & Joe Kuklis
10 Harwood Drive
$20 gift certificate
Pictures 6-8


Best Cat Inflatable
McKiernan Family
9 Signal Hill Drive
$20 gift certificate
Pictures 31-34


Most Unusual Figure (Motorcycle)
Jody Bakley
188 William Feather Drive
$20 gift certificate
Pictures 40-43


Holiday Spirit Awards

Dominic & Isabel Cavaliere
9 Addington Court
Pictures 1-4

Jim McGee
30 Battery Hill Drive
Picture 5

Marissa Insel
109 William Feather Drive
Pictures 49-51

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Fall Festival is postponed until Sunday, Nov. 5

There will be no Halloween Parade on Nov. 5

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Fall Festival

Fall Festival 2017


Fall Festival 2017

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Fishing Derby Results

Thanks to John Grace who organized and ran this year’s Fishing Derby. John reports that he had major help from Chad and Rachel Amato. Rachel was on picture duty and the photos are available at:

There were 27 anglers in the Derby with the following results:

Youngest Fisherman (M) – Ian McGee (5yo)
Youngest Fisherman (F) – NadiaBeatrix Pfahlert (3yo)

First Fish (M) – Nicolas Poteschil
First Fish (F) – Lorelei Short

Most Fish (M) – Joshua Seidenfrau (7 Fish)
Most Fish (F) – Lorelei Short (11 Fish)

Largest Fish – Ian McGee (19″)

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Fall Events

Yes, it is a busy fall season for Sturbridge Lakes!
First there is the Halloween Decorating Contest with Judging on Friday, October 27th.
Click here for information and registration

Next is the Fall Festival with activities and the famous Chili Cook Off on Sunday, October 29.
Here is the information Flyer Click on the link on the Flyer to sign up your fabulous chili/salsa/cookie recipe or go directly to the sign up page by Clicking Here

See you there!

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