2019 Calendar of Events



MARCH - MARCH 6, 2019
APRIL - APRIL 3, 2019
MAY - MAY 1, 2019
JUNE - JUNE 5, 2019
JULY - JULY , 2019 (To Be Announced)
AUGUST - AUGUST , 2019 (To Be Announced)


RAIN DATE (March 3, 2019)

APRIL LAKE LOWERING (April 1 – April 30, 2019)
5 K RUN (April 6, 2019)
SPRING EGG HUNT (April 13, 2019)
RAIN DATE (April 20, 2019)

MAY: YARD SALE (May 18, 2019)
BEACH OPENING (May 26, 2019)

JUNE/JULY SWIM LESSONS (June 25, 26, 27) & (July 1, 2, & 3)
(July 16, 17, 18) & (July 23, 24, 25)

AUGUST: BOAT & FLOAT (August 3, 2019)

SEPTEMBER: FISHING DERBY (September 28, 2019)

OCTOBER: FALL FESTIVAL (October ??, 2019)
RAIN DATE (October ?, 2019)

NOVEMBER: SLA TURKEY TROT (November 28, 2019)

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SLA Trustee Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM (Christina not in attendance)
Minutes from the November 7, 2018 Meeting were approved
Financials Reports were approved
December Invoices were approved for payment
Arrears Reports were reviewed and approved
Board voted to approve Nona Ostrove recommended charge offs of delinquent accounts contingent upon whether there is a tax benefit in doing this
Board Reorganization 2019. – President – Ed Ferruggia, Vice President – Marianne Twist, Treasurer – Bob Corson, Secretary – Christina Flory, Trustee – Arch Ely
Board Approved 2019 Schedule of Events
Board approved Lake lowering of Lake 3 & Lake 5. Permits for all lakes will be purchased
Board approved B & C Tree Proposal for William Feather Entrance pruning.
Board reviewed Cousins Concrete proposal for curbing repair. We are awaiting proposal from JEM paving
Meeting with Joe Hale and Walt Cannon is scheduled for Friday at 2:00PM to discuss drainage problem at ballfield caused by BJ’s. Feather Lake Scour Hole will also be addressed
Board wants to look at opting out of Town Square. # of SLA Town Square participants is currently 119.
Board wants to discuss with H & H regarding William Feather Entrance Flowers Look art soil irrigation & flower species
Bob Corson appointed Architectural Committee Liaison
2019 Resale log reviewed
Meeting adjourned at 8:21PM

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Annual Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM (Arch Ely not in attendance)
SLA Election results were announced. Marianne Twist was elected to a 3 year term on SLA Board of Trustees
President Ed Ferruggia delivered Presidents Report to SLA owners present
Ed Ferruggia presented Henry Donner an appreciation commemorative plaque for his many years of service on the board as he is retiring from the board.

Ed Ferruggia presents commemorative plaque to Henry Donner

Committee Reports were delivered by Trustees
Bob Corson presented 2019 Budget to homeowners in attendance. No increase in dues. Budget was approved unanimously
Residents discussed various issues including lake conditions, capital improvements etc.
Payment of November Invoices was approved by the board
Meeting was adjourned at 8:01PM

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Turkey Trot Results

It was a beautiful day for a Turkey Trot. Nearly 200 runners registered for the race. Even though we were having record cold temperatures, the bright sun gave some warmth.
The food drive was a big success with a big pile of donations being carried off to the Hope Church food pantry. A big thank you to Starbucks who supplied coffee for the event.
Pictures of the event are at:

Here are the results:

Sturbridge Lakes Association
Turkey Trot 2018

Under 25 Women

1. Kayla James 21:10
2. Jackie Buckley 30:01
3. Kyleigh Masterson 33:00

Over 25 Women

1. Megan Marcotte 21:11
2. Angela Giambrone 24:11
3. Samantha Susson 24:25

Under 25 Men

1. Hunter Mason 22:28
2. Cole Blumberg 25:10
3. Daniel Susson 25:15

Over 25 Men

1. George Read 21:30
2. Mike Brown 23:21
3. Guy Romaniello 24:36

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SLA Trustee Meeting Notes

Notes from the November meeting.
Meeting called to order at 7:35PM (Christina not in attendance)
Open Forum – Owners of 17 Redstone Ridge addressed board regarding approval of their architectural application. The Board advised the homeowners that they would contact the architectural committee to approve their application. Homeowner Melissa Shack addressed the Board asking if they had discussed Chatham Beach Labor day closing with the Life Guard Contractor. This item will be addressed when the 2019 lifeguard contact is negotiated
The Board approved Meeting minutes from the October 3, 2018 Meeting
Board reviewed Financials and Arrears Reports
Board approved payment of October Invoices
Board approve Alaimo Engineering Informal inspection proposal for 5 dams at Sturbridge Lakes
Playground Equipment is currently being installed at Battery Hill Park. There are some minor issues that contractor is attempting to correct
Board reviewed and tentatively approved 2019 Operating Budget. Fees are to remain at $390.00 annual (no increase).
Curbing at Tennis Court area in need of repair. Asphalt in front of tennis court needs repair. Contractor will be contacted
Architectural Issues were discussed
Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM

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It’s Turkey Trot Time!

We are having the 2nd annual Turkey Trot, a 5k run on Thanksgiving Day morning. Last year was a huge success which we hope to repeat this year. This year we are also hosting a food drive. Here is the link to the informational flyer and entry form. Entries must be in by November 19th.


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Halloween Decorating Contest Results

There were many excellent displays and this year had the largest number of entrants.
Pictures of the displays are at this address:
The pictures are numbered and each picture’s name includes the address of the home.

Here are the results:

“Best of Show”
Grand Prize Winner
Colin Seybold
21 Fox Hollow Road
$75 gift certificate
photos 69-92


First Prize
Overall Best Halloween Themed Display
Nancy Hering
178 William Feather Drive
$60 gift certificate
photos 49-63


First Prize
Overall Scariest Graveyard
Kathy, Jake, Max, & Lily Kaplan
114 William Feather Drive
$40 gift certificate
photos 10-16

First Prize
Overall Creepiest Spider Walkway
The Sinibaldi Family
13 Signal Hill Drive
$40 gift certificate
photos 30-38


First Prize
Overall Best Trick or Treat Theme
Abigail Malitsky
11 Tenby Chase Drive
$40 gift certificate
photos 17-29


First Prize
Scariest Horror Theme
McKiernan Family
2 Signal Hill Drive
$40 gift certificate
photos 100-111


First Prize
Unique skeleton display with scary werewolf
The Blackmore Family
165 William Feather Drive
$40 gift certificate
photos 39-48
Category Winners

Best Crime Scene
Amanda & Joe Kuklis
10 Harwood Drive
$20 gift certificate
photos 1-6


Best Inflatable Spider
Jeff and Beth Garcia
10 Westbrooke Court
$20 gift certificate
photos 7-9

Best Porch Display
Anella & Ray Zaso
17 Chatham Drive
$20 gift certificate
photos 64-66

Best Eagles Spirit
Townsend Family
3 Henley Lane
$20 gift certificate
photos 118-124


Best Skeleton Themed Walkway
Lisa Offt
25 Fox Hollow Road
$20 gift certificate
photos 95-99


Best Garage Display
Alexandra Blasberg
40 William Feather Drive
$20 gift certificate
photos 129-136


Holiday Spirit Awards

Jim and Tracey McGee
30 Battery Hill Drive
photos 112-117

William Mikolajczak
17 Signal Hill Drive
photos 67-68

Patrick Lauler
67 William Feather Drive
photos 137-139

Wes Craig
40 Battery Hill Drive
photos 125-128

The Kalick Family
24 Signal Hill Drive
photos 93-94

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Fall Festival Winners and photos

The Fall Festival was held on a very Fall weather day, cool and cloudy. All the better to taste the over 40 chili entries in the Chili Cook-Off. Your winners are
27 Chili Traditional Santiago Rachel and Nir Gabay
104 Chili Hot & Spicy Devil’s Triangle Chuck Miller
206 Chili Other Vegan chili Rashi Shyam

There was a DJ, kid’s cookie contest, whipped cream pie eating contest, kids craft activities, hamburgers, hot dogs,coffee, soda and hot chocolate.
A Halloween Costume parade was led by the Voorhees Fire Company Fire Engine from the tennis courts to be beach.

The first ever SLA Cornhole Tournament was held with 22 teams competing – Your winners the Garcia Kalick Duo.
Event pictures are at this link:

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Halloween Decorating Contest

Time to decorate for Halloween and register your decorations for judging. Prizes are awarded.
Judging will be Friday, Oct 26.
The details and sign up sheet are here

Pictures from last year are here

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Fishing Derby is September 29th

Information and registration is here:

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