SLA Trustees meeting/Kettle Run DIscussion

Dear Sturbridge Lakes Homeowners:

The postponed meeting about hunting and possible development on land adjoining Sturbridge Lakes will be Wednesday, March 14 at 730 PM in the Signal Hill School cafeteria.

Township representatives, including committee members and a police department representative will attend.

Because our meetings are usually for members only, SLA will host an open public meeting for 90 minutes starting at 730 PM.
I will open the meeting, then give time to all township representatives, then ask for comments and questions from all in attendance.

At 9 PM or so, we will close the meeting to non residents and return to our normal SLA agenda.

A reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer has asked to be present. They are planning a report on land use issues for the Sunday Inquirer.

This is a first meeting to share information and to hear the township’s suggestions.
There will be two main issues tonight:

1 The hunting club and residents’ concerns about hunting regulations and safety. The hunting property touches Sturbridge Lakes at Chasemoor Drive, along Antietam Road, and also may adjoin our common ground at battery Hill Park.
Hunters have been using our streets to park and to access the property.
2. Possible future development issues.
Development of the property would present us with further issues, including traffic and loss of natural environment.

I’ve spoken with one of the principals of the hunting group. He demonstrated a level of experience and professionalism about conservation principles. We all respect private property rights and the rights of outdoorspeople.

Nonetheless, we need to be a well-informed community. The hunting association apparently is run by individuals who do work for a major developer. The land is owned by one of the developer’s companies. Questions arise as to why the property has been dedicated to hunting at this time. This may coincide with information we are receiving regarding a major housing development planned for the property.

The property has been used by the public for all sorts of recreation for many years. It certainly appears these folks were “trespassing” on private property, and we must respect property rights.

It’s also true this property is part of the Pinelands and its use and development may be controlled to some degree by the New Jersey Pinelands Commission.

To the north of this property are the headwaters of the Black Run river protected by the Black Run Preserve. Recreation also takes place there and over the years has spilled over into the property to the South.

I’m listing all these circumstances as background information. We need to obtain information and see what protections we can seek for now and in the future.

Thanks to all of the residents and township officials who took the lead on this. Hope to see you at tonight’s meeting.

Edward Ferruggia, President SLA Board of Trustees

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Polar Plunge – A chilly success

The Polar Plunge was successfully completed under sunny skies after yesterday’s Nor’easter snow storm.  The chilly water and windy air did not deter a hardy band of Sturbridge Residents from taking the plunge in support of Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.

Event Pictures are available at:

Download video by Denise Vogl

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SLA Meeting Wednesday March 7 / Evesham Hunting and Land Development Issues

Dear Sturbridge Lakes Homeowners:

Two serious issues have arisen regarding Evesham Township properties located near Sturbridge Lakes.  As a result of resident concerns, we anticipate the Voorhees mayor and other township committee members and officials, will attend our SLA Board meeting this Wednesday, March 7, at 730 PM in the Signal Hill School Library.  I highly recommend that residents attend this meeting to hear from our township officials regarding the first issue:

1  Property adjoining Antietam Road and Chasemoor Drive has been leased to a hunting association.  This has raised concerns about firearms being carried and fired close to our homes.  Also, although this property is private, it’s possible for children or pets to wander back there and possibly to be harmed.  The hunters have been using our streets to access the property.  We believe our township officials will discuss a couple of ways this can be addressed.

2  The township officials are not attending to address the following new issue, but it needs to be discussed by residents as well.

We have heard numerous reports of plans to build a major housing development in the Evesham Pinelands near Sturbridge Lakes.  It’s possible such a development could result in the ultimate development of properties adjacent to our neighborhood.

Any such development plan would likely need approval from the NJ Pinelands Commission.  Therefore, residents who wish to influence such a plan would need to become actively involved with the Pinelands Commission and other groups.

Our concerns about a development include:  Loss of natural lands and wildlife which are a major resource, possible traffic into our neighborhood, and various noise, light and other pollution issues.

Over the last months, the SLA was approached by an adjacent land owner, asking if we were interested in obtaining some of the Evesham property as common grounds.  This raised multiple issues and it’s not clear the Association would want to be responsible for land in Evesham Township, which we might not even be able to physically access.

Nonetheless, I attempted to quietly negotiate with the landowner’s attorney, to see if SLA or some other group could purchase the property.

I was not able to get the owners to state a price for the land.  In response to a very modest suggested price by me, the answer came back that the owners now wish to seek the “development value” of the land.  Therefore, I do not believe the land can be obtained by us at a reasonable price at this time.

If residents are concerned about this development issue, they will need to organize in order to influence Evesham Township and the Pinelands Commission.

I don’t know if it’s realistic that we or Voorhees Township could obtain any of these lands as a buffer for Sturbridge Lakes.  We are just beginning to address this issue.

At the Wednesday meeting we will discuss the hunting issue first.  When that topic is completed, we can briefly discuss the development issue.  It may be that individual residents will have to take the lead on these issues.

3  It has been my experience that a development next door to Sturbridge can bring our residents together  to meet the challenge.  That was the result of the Lowes/ BJ’s development, on which Sturbridge Lakes had a significant impact.  Please consider attending our Wednesday meeting and becoming involved in these matters.

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Notes from the SLA February Trustees Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM ( all in attendance)
Board approved minutes (with one correction) for January 3, 2018 Open Meeting
Board approved payment of January invoices – I will contact Waste Management regarding overage charge
Bob Corson will contact his snow contractor for snow service bid . I will contact Ship Shape Landscape
We are awaiting pricing for 2018 Candlewood Lifeguard Contract. Defibrillators may be a requirement for both beaches. Candlewood will let us know
Polar Plunge is scheduled for Saturday March 3rd. Candlewood and Voorhees Fire have been contacted.
Board approved 2018 Goose Control Egg Addling Contract
Proposals for Dam Inspection maintenance recommendations have been requested
Additional Proposals for Chatham Beach Railing and ramp access have been requested
We are scheduling Feeder steam cleanup work with Pond Recovery Services
Architectural violations were discussed.
Lake maintenance issues were discussed
Assn’s attorney will be contacted as requested by board
Meeting adjourned at 8:15PM

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The Polar Plunge is on March 3rd

The Polar Plunge is on March 3rd.
Here is the flyer with details:
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Meeting Notes – 2018 Schedule of Events

SLA Trustees Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 7:40PM ( Christina not in attendance)
Minutes from November 1, 2017 Meeting were approved
Board reviewed November Financials and Decembers Arrears Reports
Board approved December Invoices for payment
2018 Board Reorganization: President – Ed Ferruggia, Vice President – Henry Doner, Treasurer- Bob Corson, Secretary – Christina Flory, Trustee at large – Arch Ely
Board reviewed and approved 2018 Events schedule (copy attached)
Board approved lowering of Lakers 3 & 5 in April 2018
There is Beaver Den on Lake 1. NJ Fish & Wildlife will provide trapper to catch beavers
We are awaiting another bid on Chatham Walkway ramp and Railing proposal
Bob Corson will send blast email to address people walking on ice on lakes
Architectural Violations will be addressed.
Township was contacted about repainting solid lines on William Feather
Proposals for dam maintenance are being assembled
Meeting adjourned a 8:05PM




MAY MAY 2, 2018
JUNE JUNE 6, 2018
JULY JULY , 2018 (To Be Announced)
AUGUST AUGUST , 2018 (To Be Announced)


RAIN DATE (March 4, 2018)
SPRING EGG HUNT (March 24, 2018)?
RAIN DATE (March 31, 2018)?
APRIL LAKE LOWERING (April 1 – April 30, 2018)
5 K RUN (April 28, 2018)
MAY: YARD SALE (May 19, 2018)
BEACH OPENING (May 27, 2017)
JULY: SWIM LESSONS (June 26, 27, 28) & (July 5, 6, 7)

(July 17, 18, 19) & (July 24, 25, 26)

AUGUST: BOAT & FLOAT (August 4, 2018)
SEPTEMBER: FISHING DERBY (September 22, 2018)
OCTOBER: FALL FESTIVAL (October ??, 2017)

RAIN DATE (October ?, 2017)

NOVEMBER: SLA TURKEY TROT (November 22, 2018)
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2017 Turkey Trot Results

The Turkey Trot was a great success with 172 registered runners. It was a bright sunny (although cold) day and fine weather for a race.
Here are the results:

place time bib name age gender
1 22:10 31 Christina Finnegan 25 and over F
2 24:48 2 Kim Mason 25 and over F
3 31:46 118 Alison Yablonicky 25 and over F

1 20:17 48 Victor Tagliavia 25 and over M
2 20:40 123 Peter Forester 25 and over M
3 21:00 161 Kyle Hering 25 and over M

1 22:30 56 Kayla James under 25 F
2 24:56 59 Makenzie James under 25 F
3 26:50 149 Zoë Byham under 25 F

1 19:17 71 Chris Townsend under 25 M
2 21:30 158 Daniel Susson under 25 M
3 22:50 101 Cal Blumberg under 25 M

Congratulations to the top finishers and congratulations to all the participants who have started a new tradition here in Sturbridge Lakes.

Pictures are available at:

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Last minute shirt order

T-Shirt fee is $10 per runner/Walker. (This is to cover the cost of your shirt)
We will need your $10 and name/ shirt size by this Monday, November 13 – short notice
but want to make sure the shirts come in time!***
Please drop all T Shirt orders off in my mailbox before 12 noon on Monday
Kim Mason 26 Brookview Drive

If you haven’t registered for the race, do so now at

See who is entered!

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5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving at 8am

Kim Mason and Nicole Mazure are organizing the SLA 1st Annual 5K Turkey Trot Run. The Race will start at 8am on November 23rd at Foxview Beach.

Event Details and Entry Form are here:

Also T-Shirts are being made but have to be ordered by Monday, Novemebr 13. See details on the event flyer at the address listed above.

See you there!

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Fall Festival/Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Cook-Off was held on Nov. 5 with nice Fall weather and lots of Chili to taste.

Here are your winners:

Hot& Spicy: Chuck Miller with #101 Backdraft Chili

Traditional: Jodi Bakley with #3 COAL CRACKER CHILI

Other Chili: Marnie Joyce with #203 Texas Chili with a twist

Salsa: Hailey Miller with #301 Savage Salsa

Pictures of the event and Chilis

Thanks to the Voorhees Fire Department and EMTs for bringing out their equipment to show off.

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