Fire Preparedness Drill in Sturbridge Lakes This Saturday June 23 at 8 AM

Dear Sturbridge Lakes Homeowners

This Saturday starting at 8 AM, state, county and local firefighting personnel will stage an exercise in our community.

The purpose of the exercise is to prepare for the possibility of a major forest fire in the adjacent Pinelands woods in Evesham Township.

It was explained to us that based on previous forest fires in NJ, the dangers posed by such a fire here could include wind-blown embers causing spot fires throughout our neighborhood and as far away as Alluvium.

This is an exercise only and will NOT involve a real fire. The exercise will be based on a hypothetical that a cigarette tossed in the woods ignited a wildfire.

You can expect to see a lot of fire equipment moving throughout the neighborhood Saturday, as the fire departments play out this scenario.

We also have been asked to inquire if our residents are interested in forming a committee to work on Sturbridge Lakes qualifying as a “Fire Wise Community”.

Materials from the NJ Forest Fire Service related to the Fire Wise program can be found at the links below.

The basic steps to becoming a Fire Wise Community are:

  1. Form a Committee;
  2. Write a plan;
  3. Do assessments;
  4. Conduct a Fire Wise Day;
  5. Invest a certain amount of time per household per year;
  6. Open a portal account with the program.

Based on the short presentation we heard, this appears to be a very interesting and worthwhile program. Please let us know if you would be interested in joining such a committee.

Please see these links:

NFPA – Firewise USA®
NFPA’s Firewise USA® program teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses. Join the growing network of recognized Firewise sites from across the nation taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfire.

Building a Wildfire Preparedness Plan: We’re All in This …
New Jersey’s wildfire preparedness plan has four essential elements: a nonprofit partner, a broadened base, local champions and a state-wide network.

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SLA Beach Opening Biggest Ever

The SLA Beach Opening aided by a little better weather than predicted turned into the biggest Beach Opening party ever. Picnic food was served all day until the 500 hamburgers and 500 hot dogs were gone as wall as 500 pieces of fried chicken.

2018 Sturbridge Lakes Dessert Contest Winners

Adults-1st Place

Most Festive
Firework Bundt Cake-Kelly Pfahlert

Children-1st Place

Most Patriotic
Star Cupcakes-Megan Hickey

Most Delicious
Gavin Garcia-Whipped Monster Cake

Most Creative
Cookout Cupcakes–Isabella Vincenzes

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes-Lorelei Short

Biggest Chocolate Explosion
Double Chocolate Cupcakes-Aidan Short

Best Red, White, and Blue
The Red, White, & Blue Dessert-Audrey and Eric Schweiker

Best Cookie Cake
Sugar Cookie Cake-Torsten & Biene Pfahlert

Beach Opening Party pictures are at:

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Beach Opening is this Saturday, May 26


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5K Run/1 Mile Walk

The annual 5K run and 1 Mile walk was completed by a small but enthusiastic group. The weather was a perfect Spring day for the event.
Here are the results:

25 & Over Women
1st Place 24:20 Kim Mason
2nd Place 26:32 Denise Vogel
3rd Place 31:18 Thera Paetzold

25 & Over Men
1st Place 23:57 Tony Leu
2nd Place 29:44 Brandon Blake

25 & Under Men
1st Place 18:59 Chris Townsend
2nd Place 29:29 Thomas Bloechl

1 Mile Walk/Run
1st Place 7:24 Grason Garcia
2nd Place 11:53 Gavin Garcia
3rd Place 15:38 Jini & Vivek Naidoo

Photos are now available at:

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Sturbridge Lakes 5K run/1 Mile walk is Saturday April 28

Information and sign up for the 5K run/1 Mile walk here

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Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt was a great success. Held under sunny skies and with moderate temperatures, the children hunted the eggs with great delight.
Event pictures are here:

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Egg Hunt tomorrow

The Egg Hunt starts promptly at 11 so be there at least a few minutes early to get set up. The groups are Toddlers, Age 3+4, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Each group goes separately so that parents with children in more than one group will have the opportunity to see each group go.
See you there.

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The Spring Egg Hunt is this Saturday at 11am at the ballfield

The Spring Egg Hunt is this Saturday at 11am at the ballfield.

Here is the flyer:

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Lake Lowering

This year we will be lowering lakes #3 (Foxview) and #5 (Tenby). We have NJDEP permits to lower the lakes in April. The lakes will be lowered as early as possible in April, depending on the weather. Please plan any clean up activities on this time schedule.

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Sturbridge Lakes email list

If you are reading the web site and not on the Sturbridge Lakes email list, you should sign up to get the latest news and information about Sturbridge Lakes and Sturbridge Lakes events.
Just email with your email address and physical address.

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