Sturbridge Lakes Beach Reservation Form

Reservations for 2022 are May 31 to Sept 3

This is a private beach for Sturbridge Lakes Association members only in good standing
You must live in Sturbridge Lakes to be an Association member

Home Phone:
Work Phone:

Site Requested:
Chatham Beach
Foxview Beach

Date Requested: Click your mouse on the date requested box to select a date
Number in Group:
Number of shade
tents needed:
will be set up for you - maximum 3 - Shade tents on Foxview Beach only
Time Requested: 11:00AM - 3:00PM
3:00PM - 7:00PM

By reserving the beach for a party, you are not renting the beach for the use of your party. Rather, you are inviting your friends to share the Sturbridge Lakes beach experience. It is important to remember that other residents will be there to enjoy their beach as well.

Some useful thoughts:


Important - New Procedure
There are 2 party slots each day. One is from 11:00 to 3:00 and the second is from 3:00 to 7:00.
For the early slot, guests may arrive at 11:30 after your setup starts at 11:00 and must leave by 2:30 at the latest so your cleanup finishes by 3:00.
For the later slot, your setup may start at 3:00 and your guests may arrive at 3:30 and must leave by 6:30 so your cleanup will finish by 7:00.

  1. Reserving resident must be current in their Association dues and assumes responsibility for the conduct of all guests.
  2. Reserving resident is responsible for clean up and any damage to the beach. Repair of any damage caused by the reserving resident or the party guests will be charged to the reseving resident. Report any damage to ASSOCIA Mid-Atlantic (888-884-8490).
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any of the common grounds.
  4. Any changes to the request are to be reported to ASSOCIA Mid-Atlantic.
  5. Payment of the lifeguard fee is required to reserve the beach. See#11
  6. For every 20 people, one lifeguard is required for a fee of $22 per hour / per lifeguard. Lifeguards are assigned according to the number of attendees, not the estimated number of people who will be swimming.
  7. There is a reservation fee of $50 for 2022. Total cost of a party up to 20 people is $138 and 21-40 people is $226.
  8. Parties are limited to a maximum of 40 people.
  9. Beach closes at 7:00 p.m.
  10. Payment may be made by check.
  11. If payment is not received within 7 days, your reservation slot will be released.
  12. Each family is allowed up to two reservations per season
  13. Each family is allowed 1 reservation on any specific weekend
  14. Please allow hour setup and hour cleanup and include that in your reservation time. Your assigned lifeguard will be there to help you set up and clean up.
  15. When your party is over, your invited guests must leave as your assigned lifeguard will no longer be on duty.
  16. Three shade tents are available for Foxview beach. Please include how many you would like to have set up.
  17. Party Supply/Food tables are available for setup if you need them.
  18. A maximum of 6 picnic tables may be used by the party - at least 2 picnic tables are to be available for residents. 1 picnic table will be assigned to the party for each 6 persons up to the maximum of 6.
  19. No parties on Beach Opening/Memorial Day, Boat & Float and Beach Closing weekends.
  20. A refrigerator is available for storing cakes, etc.
  21. Use of the Beach Grill is included with the party reservation.
NOTE: Reserving Sturbridge resident must be present during the entire time event is scheduled.


You can see already scheduled time slots on this link
However, you will have to check with ASSOCIA Mid-Atlantic to see if the reservation is confirmed.

Mail Check to:
Sturbridge Lakes Association
c/o ASSOCIA Mid-Atlantic
Attn: Denise Cutrera
14000 Horizon Way,Suite 200
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Toll Free Phone 888-884-8490
Direct Dial 856-996-1663
Fax 856-234-5479

By submitting the Beach Reservation, I acknowlege that
I have read the above restrictions and agree to abide by them.