Sturbridge Lakes Halloween Decorating Contest



Well, it just did not seem possible to top last year, but we did.  There were more displays and they were even more creative
and elaborate than last year.

Here are the judges decisions:

(The pictures are only small parts of the whole decoration - you just have to see them for yourself! - Click on the picture to enlarge it).  

Congratulations to all the contestants for lighting up the neighborhood with their Halloween Holiday Spirit for all of us to enjoy.

Go out and see these excellent decorations!

Overall Winners

 "Best of Show"

Grand Prize WInner

Eileen Moles
10 Sherwood Lane

$50 gift certificate

DSCF5868.JPG (478156 bytes)DSCF5863.JPG (490082 bytes)

DSCF5873.JPG (485953 bytes)DSCF5872.JPG (493534 bytes)

First Prize

Overall Scariest Display

Michael Hatch
9 Sherwood Lane

$40 gift certificate

DSCF5877.JPG (472657 bytes)DSCF5880.JPG (464361 bytes)
First Prize

Overall Best Lighting and Seasonal Display

Nancy Hering
178 William Feather Dr.

$40 gift certificate

DSCF5889.JPG (444296 bytes)DSCF5892.JPG (488988 bytes)

Category Winners

Best Giant Scary Spider Home/
Friendly Scarecrows Display
The Sinibaldi Family
13 Signal Hill

$25 Gift Certificate

DSCF5942.JPG (452897 bytes)

Best Themed Display - Scary French Revolution
Lose your head over this one.

The Boisvert Family
6 Sherwood Lane

$25 Gift Certificate

DSCF5856.JPG (478846 bytes)

Best Graveyard Sound Effects

42 Tenby Chase Dr.

Melissa Miller

$10 Gift Certificate


DSCF5903.JPG (474823 bytes)

Best Ghost Walkway

11 Tenby Chase Drive

Abigail Malitsky


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5909.JPG (473391 bytes)

Best Lighted Tree
The Prendergast Family
24 Redstone Ridge

$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5924.JPG (477460 bytes)

Scariest Doorway

1 Tenby Chase Drive 

Debbie Wojdan


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5916.JPG (469762 bytes)

Best Curb-to-Doorway Display

14 Wyndham Road 

Joe & Jusesa Bruno


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5931.JPG (470867 bytes)

Best Overall Sound Effects

4 Addington Ct 

David Campbell


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5826.JPG (449816 bytes)

Spookiest Lit Graveyard

3 Henley Lane 

The Townsends


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5832.JPG (450275 bytes)

Scariest Smoke Effects

4 Oxford Court 

The Hills


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5844.JPG (479249 bytes)

Best "Haunted Lakes" Display

40 William Feather Drive 

Christian & Michelle Blasberg


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5847.JPG (476690 bytes)

Best Black Cat Graveyard

139 William Feather Dr. 

Kaplan Family
Kathy, Ken, Jake, Max & Lily


$10 Gift Certificate

DSCF5853.JPG (473260 bytes)
Honorable Mention Halloween Spirit Award
  189 William Feather Drive
The Millers

56 Tenby Chase Drive
John & Gerry McLaughlin

31 Redstone Ridge
The Whiteman Family

24 Brookview Drive
Laurence Glenn

1 Henley Lane
Sarah and Jenna Casella

88 William Feather Dr.
The Mignogna Family

6 Kings Croft Lane
Aidan Kim


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