Sturbridge Lakes Association

Architectural Change Application for Tree Removal

Short Form Application
Address: Number: Street:

I want to remove trees.

On a lot survey mark location of ALL trees noting the ones you wish to remove and why. Also, lightly shade all areas of property left 'undisturbed' to show compliance with our 20% undisturbed natural vegetation per Article V, Section 1. (p) of the C & R's.

Using your digital camera, take a full size picture of your marked up lot survey and load it to your computer.

Select your lot survey picture to send (jpg/gif)(5MB max size) :


Owner grants permission to Architectural Committee and/or SLA Trustees to enter property to inspect proposed site

1. Resident is required to obtain all Voorhees Township, state, and any other necessary permits. Call 429-0647
2. Applications cannot be processed unless residents are current in their Association Dues
3. Residents should be advised that if an architectural matter must be referred to the Association attorney, the attorney's costs will become the financial responsibility of the homeowner.

After you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email and your request will appear in the architectural approvals list at:
Please verify that your request has been submitted